Indianapolis Performance and Installation

Here is the Skything performance from Big Car Gallery in the Murphy Art Center, Indianapolis from 03.08.11 "No one would crush my wisdom teeth and smoke them with me."
sky thing "no one would crush my wisdom teeth and smoke them with me" live by Pro You

and here is a sample of John Collins McCormick's sound installtion "FLOW" from the Space Camp Gallery, also in the Murphy - Video comming soon
FLOW by Pro You

DJ Drips _ Canned (dead) from Guatamala

Here is cut up material by DJ Drips AKA DJ Slippy Dee AKA JCR AKA the third sky thing. They feature all kinda ill stuff including bits of other sky things...enjoy

part one by justincliffordrhody

part two by justincliffordrhody


Here is the HOWDY CLOUD review from
Also from Indiana, ‘Howdy Cloud’ is the first proper long-player (or so one could argue) by bedroom-chamber duo Sky Thing (Megan Mirro and John McCormick). Mobilizing a treasure trove of instruments, the pair capture the clattering fantasy of Anvil Salute (“Acoustic Door”, “Portion”) but easily exchange the full-band coordination for a four-handed/four-footed beat-heaviness which goes beyond something like Indian Jewelry to the remix world of Gang Gang Dance (“Real Frogs, Imaginary Pond”, “Snake Charm”). The clash of low-fidelity strums and percussion with sharp, digital samples provides a nice relief without breaking the wholeness of the composition, and though the stylistic mood swings mentioned above can be jarring, the thing hangs together well-enough as is comes engulfed in the clipped edges and superfuzz of the final 10 minute blowout. Block-printed CDr and cardboard sleeves with Xerox insert. Made by Friends and Relatives.

Thanks Joseph PSI

Noise and Capitalism

Here is a piece of writing on the topic Noise and Capitalism, more info here:
Thanks to Xabier and Arteleku Audio Lab

Live From Ypsilanti, MI

Thanks to Raf for posting this recording on the Eggy Records web page. We are currently working on a new tape for Eggy...more on his site here

Sky Thing Live from Kevin & Jason's house YPSILANTI MI by Pro You